The Control of Asbestos Regulations requires  any person responsible for property (non domestic) built prior to the year 2000 has a ‘Duty to Manage’ asbestos. Our highly trained and experienced surveyors can help you comply and manage any asbestos. All surveys are carried out according to HSG264 and current regulations.

Asbestos Surveys we offer.

A standard asbestos survey required  as minimum by asbestos regulations. It is a visual inspections (non intrusive) of the building fabric for any asbestos containing materials. Inspection areas will include voids, risers, etc (where practicable to do without causing extensive damage.
This survey type is required prior (Legal requirement) to any intrusive refurbishment / renovation works. Its purpose is to locate and describe, as far as possible, all asbestos containing materials (ACMs) within the scope of refurbishment. By nature these types of survey are intrusive and, to a degree, destructive. The survey is intrusive and destructive to enable identification of possible material behind surface fabrics.
This type of survey is fully intrusive and destructive and is used where the building is to be demolished entire. The purpose of the survey is to locate and describe all asbestos containing materials (ACMs) within that building or even part of building.
The Control of Asbestos Regulations requires that the condition of known asbestos containing materials (ACMs) must be inspected regularly and records updated accordingly. The asbestos re-inspection survey must be carried on a regular basis, not exceeding 12 months. The frequency of re-inspection depends on the level of risk posed by the material. The risk is assessed by the type, extent, condition and location of the asbestos.
Asbestos sampling is where a sample of suspect material is taken for lab analysis to confirm or refute asbestos content. Our surveyors will attend site and sample the material, which then analysed by a UKAS accredited lab.

Asbestos surveys

– The process.

    • Asbestos Surveys carried out to identify as far as reasonable practicable presence of asbestos containing material. The extent & condition of material is assessed onsite. Samples of suspect materials taken for Lab Analysis.
    • UKAS Accredited lab analysis of samples to confirm presence & type of asbestos.
    • Material risk assessments for individual asbestos location is calculated based on the Asbestos type, Asbestos product type, the condition of material and its surface treatment.  A score is allocated to each asbestos location, identifying the level of risk associated.
    • Report produced. It consists of summary of asbestos containing materials (ACMs) found, annotated floor plans, photos and recommendation of Action to take to i.e. to remove ACM.
    • On going management of known ACMs in the form of Asbestos re-inspection to ensure risks to exposure to asbestos is monitored and maintain as low as reasonably practicable.

Why you may need our help?

  • Your property was built pre2000..
  • You never had an asbestos survey done to your property..
  • You need a re-inspection survey to all known Asbestos Containing Materials..
  • You plan to carry out renovation or demolition works..
  • You require sampling/testing of suspect material(s)..
  • Your asbestos survey report is out of date..

OUR Commitment!

  • Comprehensive & thorough surveys!
  • Fast reporting turn around!
  • HSG 264 compliant asbestos surveys.
  • Independent asbestos advice!
  • BOHS P402 qualified surveyors.
  • UKAS accredited sample analysis.
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All our surveyors are home based and use latest technology to carry out asbestos surveys and upload all their data online. This allows us to be flexible & enables us to cover all areas of England and Wales.